BMA in Brief – August 12, 2019

To help you stay informed we will do our best to provide high level summaries for the bi-monthly Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) meetings. These summaries will be fact based with a focus on key items covered in the meetings and summaries of the votes taken. Where needed we will cover important discussions individually.

The supporting documents provided to the Alderman can be found by clicking here.

The full meeting can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

The agenda was amended to move item 16. Apartment Moratorium to item 10.(a). Item 10 was moved to item 10.(b). Item 15. was moved to the preliminary agenda and itme k. On the preliminary agenda was moved to item 16. of the agenda.

6. Citizens to be Heard (11:51) – Six residents came forward to address the board. Three spoke against apartments, two spoke against residential sprinkler requirements and one spoke against the Farmington Park rules.

9. Preliminary Agenda (39:17) – Passed (5-0)

10(a). Resolution 19R08 – Apartment Moratorium (41:18) A summary of the timeline and history of the existing moratorium and the research completed during that time frame. The proposed resolution is based on feedback from the board at the work session. The resolution ask the planning commission to review changes removing stand alone apartments from smart growth areas and establish smart growth guild lines to retain value and minimize impact on city resources. It also places a 6 month moratorium on stand alone apartments. Alderman Sanders proposed extending the moratorium on all apartments, not just stand alone. This motion failed. Alderman Sanders also moved to change the wording to require the vertical integration apartments would requires a mix of uses in the actual building. Alderman Owens wanted the planning commission to consider this as part of their work as well as a percentage of the development. This motion failed. Alderman Sanders also asked for a motion to define “Stand alone” and “single use” terms in the ordinance, that motion passed. Alderman Massey made the motion to substitute the wording of the moratorium with the wording of the original moratorium. That motion failed. Discussion was extensive. The amended resolution was Approved (5-0)

10(b). Ordinance 2019-11 Amendment to Fire Prevention Ordinance – Third and Final Reading (1:22:33) The ordinance to adopt a new fire code based on the 2015 international fire code. The state of TN currently uses the 2012 international fire code.  The proposed code added requirements for sprinklers on dead end streets over 750 feet.  There are also additional items to address safety of food trucks. It includes the ability for the BMA to establish a board of appeals for rulings of the Fire Marshal. Alderman Owens proposed changing the cul-de-sac radius from 96 back to 90 feet. That motion passed. Alderman Owens made a motion to change the length of the dead end street to 750 and up to 1,200 if homes are protected by sprinkler systems and/or alternate access. That amendment passed. The amendment to the ordinance was  Approved (4-1)

11. Ordinance 2019-12 Amendment to Fire Prevention Ordinance (Residential Sprinklers) – Third and Final Reading (1:49:00) A representative of the Home Builders Association spoke against adoption of the code. The second individual spoke in favor of the proposed change. This item supports the adoption of the 2015 fire code.  The code requires sprinklers for new homes over 5,000 square feet vs. the current requirement of 7,500 square feet. It would require sprinkler systems in zero lot line homes with distances of less than 20 feet between homes.  The chief addressed directly addressed questions and some claims made during the last meeting. He listed peer city standards for sprinkler requirements around Shelby county and the state of Tennessee. Alderman Owens moved to amend the coded to change square footage for sprinkler requirements from 5,000 to 5,500 square feet to match Collierville’s code. That amendment was approved. Approved (4-1)

12. Ordinance 2019-13 Amendment to Subdivision Ordinance (Streets) – Second Reading Vote  (2:05:19) The vote on this item was postponed in the last meeting. This amendment brings the design standards up to those required in the fire code. This changed the length of dead ends from 1,200 foot to 750 feet and allowing for a depth of cover of 150 feet vs. 400 and the paved cul-de-sac radius should be 96 feet vs. current standard of 90 feet. This does not remove the ability for exemptions to be requested.  There was no discussion. Approved (5-0)

13. Change Order No. 1 & 2 – Emergency Sewer Repair (2:05:57) Public Works Director Bo Mills presented the anticipated changes discussed in the 7/22 meeting. Alderman Sanders asked questions about the timeline of the approvals. The change order was Approved (5-0)

14. Emergency Purchase – Kimbrough Pumping Station Debris Removal (2:12:02) This work is for the debris that entered the system, estimated at over 30 truck loads of dirt and debris. The work was started by a vendor but cut off due to the City of Memphis stepping in to perform the work. The work is estimated at $193K but will come in lower depending on the efforts by the City of Memphis. Approved (5-0)

16. Purchase – Repair to Well No. 9 at the Johnson Rd. Water Treatment Plant (2:15:10) Requesting authorization for repairs and reinstallation of Johnson Rd. Well No. 9. for $71,869. This contract piggybacks off an agreement with Dyersburg TN. This well generates 1,800 gal/min and is on of the generator backed up wells that provide water in the event of a power outage. Approved (5-0)

17. Beer Board (2:23:39) Stoney River was cited for serving to a minor. This was a first time offense for Stoney River. They admitted Guilt and were fined $750. Swankey’s taco shop was cited for serving to a minor. This was a first time offense and they admitted guilt and were fined $750.