About Our Blog…

Once upon a time, we could discuss current events and issues affecting our City on social media with our friends & neighbors. But all that changed when Dean Massey was elected as Alderman. He blocked and excluded many of our Germantown residents from Facebook conversations while promoting one person’s blog as an authority on all things Germantown. But we think it’s important to hear more than one person’s opinion. We think it’s important to get information from a variety of sources. So, we created a forum to give a voice to Germantown citizens who don’t have a blog and who have been silenced in Facebook discussions about our City.

Editorial Board

Alys Drake

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Alys manages Eyes on Germantown, a micro-blog focused on Germantown TN. She is an involved, dedicated lifelong member of the Memphis community and a 20+ year resident of Germantown where she and her husband, Michael reside with their two daughters.

Julie Ganey


A Germantown resident for 20+ years, Julie has been an active schools and community volunteer. She is married and the mother of 3 young adults, a member relations manager at a local not-for-profit organization. Julie is a strong believer in fairness, facts, and open communications.

Audrey Grossman


Audrey has lived in Germantown for 13 years. She is a trusts and estates lawyer, proud mom to two amazing daughters, an active volunteer in her community, a dog lover, a theatre geek, a knitter, and a strong believer in truth and the 1st Amendment free speech rights.

Terri Harris

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Terri has lived and worked in Germantown for over 20 years. She and her husband, Price are raising their two children there. After having been as a stay-at-home mom, school volunteer, and parent leader; Terri has recently returned to the practice of law in the area of child advocacy.

Brian Ueleke

Husband, Father and Germantown resident. Offering experienced perspective with a Finance degree, MBA and 15 years of Corporate Finance experience in budgeting, operational and capital project analysis.


We welcome submissions from all Germantown citizens. If you have something on your mind, please email us and send your submissions to germantownvoice@gmail.com