BMA in Brief – April 22, 2019

To help you stay informed we will do our best to provide high level summaries for the bi-monthly Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) meetings. These summaries will be fact based with a focus on key items covered in the meetings and summaries of the votes taken. Where needed we will cover important discussions individually.

The agenda packets sent to the aldermen can be found by clicking here.

The whole meeting can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

6. Citizens to Be Heard – (5:13) There were seven citizens that addressed the board of Mayor and Aldermen. Three of them addressed the city’s interest in purchasing the Germantown Country club. Two spoke in favor and one spoke against. Four speakers addressed the Board on the topic of a cell tower at Dogwood Elementary School. All spoke against the potential approval of this project.

9. Beer Board – (39:38) Vote to issue beer permit for Mantra India Grill (Passed 5-0)

10. Preliminary Agenda(42:27) (Passed 5-0)

11. Contract – Farmington Playground Renovation Phase 2 – (43:21) Parks and Recreation Director Pam Beasley presented the contract from Legacy Construction in the amount of $433,857. She discussed the challenges of Phase one, including unmarked and outdated utility lines maps and rain delays. There were no change orders to phase one and the work was done to city standards. Construction will not start until School is out for the summer and efforts will be made to keep park equipment open as much as possible over the summer. There will be a basketball goals on the multiple purpose court (height not yet determined). (Passed 5-0)

12. Contract – Safe Routes to School Phase 1 & 2 – (59:47) Project funded by TDOT through grants. The project addresses the “Safe Routes to School” program with the goal of addressing safety issues within a one mile radius of the school. The one mile radius is the standard due to bussing rules that only provide bussing within a one mile radius. The project is funded by the city then reimbursed once work is complete and meet TDOT standards. Total contract is $754,160.50. (Passed 5-0)

13. Contract – Signal Upgrades – (1:07:00)The upgrades are for three intersections. Those intersections include Poplar Pike & Hacks Cross, Poplar Pike & Germantown Rd/Arthur and Poplar Ave & Kirby. Contract total value is $1,059,753.40. This project is 100% reimbursable by TDOT. (Passed 5-0)