Germantown? There’s an App for That!

At the January 29 Technology Commission it was announced that City would soon be launching the “Germantown on the Go” app. The app is currently available in the App Store for both Apple and Android. The city has been testing the app for the last several months and setting up procedures to address the community feedback expected from the app.

Community feedback? Yes, the app will allow you to interact with the city to address many of the day to day concerns and questions that you see pop up on social media. Who do you call about that pot hole? Well, take a picture of it, tag it on a map and send it to the city. Animal complaints? Tag it on the map, write a note and post a picture. In addition to issues with roads and animals, the app allows you to report issues for Code Enforcement, drainage, traffic and trash.

The app allows easy access to the city calendar, news, contacts and social media posts. This new way to connect to the city gives citizens an easy way to stay informed and address concerns in the palm of their hands. Remember, you can always find more info on the City Web page. Expect to see more from the City in coming weeks as they promote the launch of this new tool.


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Author: Brian Ueleke

Husband, Father and Germantown resident. Offering experienced perspective with a Finance degree, MBA and 15 years of Corporate Finance experience in budgeting, operational and capital project analysis.

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