Better Cell Coverage Coming to Dogwood?

Tuesday ,December 11, 2018 the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) met to discuss three items. The first item, and probably most interesting to many of us that live in the area, was an appeal to allow a cell phone tower on GMSD property (the Dogwood Elementary campus). Below is the detailed description of the proposal from the agenda packet posted on the city’s web page.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.31.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.33.30 PM.png

The BZA approved this request and the next step will be for this project to go before the Planning Commission for site plans. Below you can see all the steps that this project will have to clear prior to going to the BMA for final approval.

This is just one example of Germantown’s extensive review process and multiple opportunities for feedback for projects like this.

If you support or have concerns about this project be sure to engage your aldermen and attend one of these meetings. There was only one resident who spoke up tonight. Comments in the meeting indicated that there were three letters for and three letters against this project. After the Planning Commission, the Design Review Commission will review the proposal before forwarding it to the BMA.

Cell Tower Approvals.png

The documents supporting this meeting can be found by clicking here.

The two other items reviewed by the BZA were a project at Houston High School and a resident seeking an appeal for an additional driveway on a corner lot. All three items were approved by the Board.

You can watch the entire meeting below.

Author: Brian Ueleke

Husband, Father and Germantown resident. Offering experienced perspective with a Finance degree, MBA and 15 years of Corporate Finance experience in budgeting, operational and capital project analysis.

4 thoughts on “Better Cell Coverage Coming to Dogwood?”

  1. Bryan,
    Thanks for this info. Do you happen to know if this tower will only be for Tmobile customers? Any chance AT&T will also lease tower space on this pole/tree?


    1. There is space for up to 4 carriers on the tower. I would assume AT&T would be interested in leasing one of those slots as I know they have coverage issues in the area too.


      1. So how long do you think this is really going to take? I have Verizon and live in the back of Shady Creek. I had to get a signal booster from Verizon to get any kind of cell reception. Thanks!


      2. I didn’t see any dates in what I reviewed. My guess is that they want to work on it over the summer when school is out. It needs approval from two more commissions and the BMA prior to being able to pull construction permits.


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